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Chandrayaan-1 SARA discovers how Moon generates Water

16 Oct

Another moment of Pride for All Indians!
A month after ISRO’s Chandrayaan-I discovered the traces of water on Moon’s surface, on Oct 15th 2009, Chandrayaan-1’s SARA (Sub-kilo electron volt Atom Reflecting Analyser) discovered how Moon generates Water!
The Moon acts as a Sponge and absorbs the electrically charged particles spewed out from the Sun.
These particles interact with the oxygen present in some dust grains on the lunar surface, producing water. The water, however, is present in molecular form. It is not seen as liquid water, ice or moisture

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Google Squared is successfully Aired..!

9 Oct

Tired of searching thousands of web pages thrown by google search engine for the relevant data on entering a query string?
How nice would it have been if you could have got all the info you need just by one click?

Well..!! Presenting.. “Google Squared“, a new product from Google Labs!

What is “Google Squared”?
Instead of returning a list of the most relevant websites, Squared returns a “square” (or table) of facts, sourced from across the Internet.
For example, if you search Squared for [us presidents], each row on the resulting table represents a particular United States President, and the columns include relevant facts about him, such as date of birth, a picture and a short description.

Google Squared was first launched in May 12th 2009! It had few technical snags. The improvised and rectified version of Google Squared was launched today! dated Oct 9th 2009!

How to use Google Squared?
1>Go to
2>Type your query string in the search box and hit “Square it!” For eg, lets type ‘Romantic Movies’ as shown in the figure below

3>This query returns a Spread sheet containing the list of ‘Romantic Movies’ along with other details like image,description,running time,released date,country,director,genre etc.
It looks like something like this:

4>Now,once you have got this spread sheet,you can either add data which you want to the spread sheet or delete the unwanted data from the spread sheet!

5>Click on Save to Save this spreadsheet  or you can even Export this spreadsheet!(Note: You need to first login to your google account in order to save/export data)

6>Share and Enjoy! To share your Square, copy the URL in the address bar for the Square you’ve created and send it to your friends. If the Square has been saved to your Google Account, your friend will see a copy of your customized Square.

Indian Scientists develop RICE that require No Cooking!

6 Oct

Indian Scientists have developed a new variety of rice that requires “No Cooking”,but gets cooked after just soaking in water!
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