Google Chrome Extensions!

11 Dec

After the successful launch of Google Chrome web browser, Google is back with ‘Google Chrome Beta Extensions’!

You just need to install all these extensions onto your ‘Google Chrome Beta Toolbar’ and one click on them will perform numerous functions!

Few Extensions include:
1>’One Number’:One click access to the Google services like ‘Gmail’, ‘Google Wave’, ‘Google Reader’, ‘Google Voice’ right from the current webpage you are browsing without you having to explicitly open the above mentioned google services.

2>Twitter and Facebook extensions: Have something important to tweet or share when you read something interesting? Just click on the Twitter or Facebook extension installed on your toolbar and share it!

3>’Inline Google’: Need some info about something you read? Just click on ‘Inline Google extension’ on your toolbar instead of explicitly visiting the Google web!

4>’Mini Google Maps’ : Need to find address about something? Hit the ‘Google Map Extension’ button on your toolbar!

5>’IE Tab’: This one takes the piece of cake!
Some web sites donot open properly in Google Chrome and needs IE for accessing. But this new extension prevents you to explicitly open IE ,but instead opens an IE tab in Google Chrome!

6>’Blog This’: You can directly blog from any web page just by clicking the ‘Blog This’ extension on your toolbar.

7>Translate : Currently reading webpage in some foreign language? Need translation in your language? Dont explicitly open google translator,but click on ‘Translator’ button on your toolbar instead!

8>’Picasa Picker’: Clicking on this button loads the picasa albums in your google account.You can click on the photo of your choice and then obtain the url of the corresponding image.

9>’Google Similar Pages’ : Clicking this icon will show you the webpages similar to the webpage you are currently browsing!

10>’Evernote Web Clipper’: Need notes from the webpage you are browsing? Just select the important text of the webpage and click on ‘Evernote Web Clipper’. This copies and saves the chosen text onto the online document in your ‘Evernote web clipper account’
There is no need for you to even copy/paste text.. You just need to select it!

11>’Shareaholic’: Lets you share,send or email the webpage/link to numerous online sharing services like facebook,tumblr,twitter,delicious,digg,myspace etc

12> : Click on this button to shorten the url and share across many services

… and many more such extensions!

To install all these extensions onto your ‘Google Chrome’ toolbar, follow these steps:

1>Install ‘Google Chrome Beta’ by clicking on this link

2>Next click on this Extensions Link and install the extensions of your choice.

You just need to click on the extension of your choice and then click on ‘install’ to install the extension on to your Google Chrome Toolbar.

After installation of extensions,your toolbar will look something like this: (See the circled portion in Red)

Watch this video for Full Details!


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