MindFlex -Mind Controlled Game

3 Jan

Say goodbye to all your joysticks,playstations,X-Boxes and make way for “MindFlex”- A Mind Controlled Game!

Mind Flex is a “Mind over Matter” game. This game is played using your Brain Waves.
The motto of this game is to move a ball across an obstacle,not by using your hand,but using your MIND!

You need to wear a head gear consisting of 3 sensors. One which is stuck on your forehead,the other 2 goes behind your ears. Now,as you start concentrating on the ball, the activity of your brain waves starts increasing. These sensors reads the increased brain wave activity and that controls the speed of a fan which moves the ball across the obstacle.

This is just a small step for the future of “Mind Controlled Games”

Check this video!


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