Tweet / Blog from your Iphone!!

4 Jan

Have an Iphone or Ipod? Wish to access the Social Networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and WordPress Blog? Well you can do it using the following Apps

1>Twitterrific : Allows you to receive and compose Tweets on your Twitter Account right from your Iphone/Ipod within seconds!  Twitterrific app on your Iphone/Ipod will look soemthing like this:

2>Facebook : Allows you to receives updates,compose updates and Facebook right from your Iphone

3>Wordpress2 : Now access your WordPress blog right from your Iphone! You can compose posts,read other blogs,comment and what not!
I am waiting for Blogger/Blogspot to come up with such a App for Blogspot blogs.

In order to add all of these apps,
1>Go to App Store on your Iphone.
2>Search for the above mentioned Apps
3>Click install to install them on your Iphone!

I have installed all the above mentioned Apps on my Iphone. I am loving every bit of it!


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