Iphone 3GS or Nexus One?

13 Jan

“Apple Iphone 3GS or Nexus One”?? Which one is the Best?! Probably,the Comparison table below will help you decide!

iPhone 3GS vs Nexus One

The recent Bad Reviews about Google’s Nexus One doing the rounds are:

1>The touch screen functionality is not as good as Apple Iphone 3GS!
2>The ETF (Early Termination Fee) is about $200 which is extremely high compared to other phones.
3>Google has also imposed an additional $350 ETF if Nexus One owners decide to end their service after the 14-day trial period is over but before four months have passed will be hit with upwards of $550 in fees — more than if you bought the phone outright from the start
4>Customer satisfaction was pathetic when few customers called Google’s Customer Care with Nexus One issues.

Things lacking in Nexus One in comparison with Apple Iphone:

1>Like the Droid, the Nexus One doesn’t do hardware encryption, meaning that most Microsoft Exchange shops will refuse to support either model (unless you can convince your company to downgrade its default security policy). The iPhone 3GS does support Exchange’s default policy settings, which require device encryption.

2>The Android OS also can’t handle moving purchased software titles from Android Market into the devices’ Flash RAM storage (which on HTC and Motorola devices, like other phones developed for Windows Mobile, is provided primarily on removable SD RAM cards). This results in a significant limitation for developers and for users who want to run sophisticated mobile apps such as games.

3> Nexus One doesn’t have anything comparable to the iPhone’s Dock Connector, which has given birth to an ecosystem of iPhone and iPod related peripherals. Instead, the Nexus One only provides a mini USB connector.

4>The iPhone 3GS also supplies a consistent multitouch user interface that is used throughout it bundled apps. Google has only added limited support for this in the Android OS, and apps that can make the most use of “pinch to zoom” type features don’t consistently offer it to the user.

5>The Nexus One also lacks the iPhone 3GS’ automatic focus, white balance, and exposure set by the user’s touch.

Information Courtesy:Apple Insider


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