Akrit Jaswal India’s Genius Surgeon

3 Feb

Today Pradeep,showed me this video of a “Akrit Jaswal”,India’s Genius Child Surgeon who had performed surgery when he was 7 years old!!
He was invited to London and his IQ was tested. It is believed that he has an IQ of 146!! He was also invited on Oprah Winfrey’s show and the audience were “Awe-struck” by his Intelligence!

Ankrit’s Biography:

He started speaking in his 10th month and was reading Shakespeare at the age of 5.

Akrit developed a passion for science and anatomy at an early age.
Doctors at local hospitals took notice and started allowing him to observe surgeries when he was 6 years old.

When he was 7 years old an impoverished family heard about his amazing abilities, they asked if he would operate on their daughter for free. Her surgery was a celebrated success.

At age 12, Akrit was admitted to a Punjab University. He’s the youngest student ever to attend an Indian university.
That same year, he was also invited to London’s famed Imperial College to exchange ideas with scientists on the cutting edge of medical research.

Akrit says he has millions of medical ideas, but he’s currently focused on developing a cure for cancer. “I’ve developed a concept called oral gene therapy on the basis of my research and my theories”, he says, “I’m quite dedicated towards working on this mechanism.”

Growing up, Akrit says he used to see cancer patients lying on the side of the road because they couldn’t afford treatment or hospitals had no space for them. Now, he wants to use his intellect to ease their suffering.

He became India’s youngest university student and is currently studying for a BSc in a Punjab University, Chandigarh, India. He possesses books such as Gray’s Anatomy, and textbooks on surgery, anaesthesia, anatomy, physiology, cancer, and others. Akrit claims to have mastered them with his daily habit of studying for an hour.


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