Time Travel

5 May

Last week while switching tv channels,we came across a documentary “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” being aired on Discovery Channel.

In this documentary,Stephen Hawking explained how “Time Travel” is possible! The facts and justifications provided by him were enthralling. I would love to share the same with you all.

What is “Time Travel”?
Time travel is the concept of traveling forward and backward to different points in time, much as we do through space.

Time is a fourth dimension. The key to time travel into the future is to think of time as a river. As you look across a river you will notice that in some places it is moving faster than in other places. Time does the same thing. Time speeds up on a satellite orbiting the earth by one third of a billionth of a second every day.

Albert Einstein realized that matter drags on time and slows it down like the slow part of a river. So the reason time is slower on the surface of the earth than on the satellite is because earth has so much mass. The heavier the object, the more it drags on time.

Stephen Hawking explains “Time Travel” can be possible in 2 methods:

1>Black Holes: He says “Black Holes” act as “Natural Time Machine”. Assume that you are travellling in a spacecraft across the “Black Hole” [lets assume that the space craft is not sucked into the black hole], then when the space craft orbits the black hole,then the travellers inside the space craft will be travelling in time.

The time inside the space craft will be exactly 1/2 of the time on earth. Suppose this space craft rotates around the black hole for 10 days and returns back to the earth, then the time on earth would be 20 days.
This means that people returning from the space craft to the earth will be entering the “Future Earth”.

The main reason behind this concept is “As mass increases,time slows down”. Since “Black Hole” is an extremely denser object, it slows down the time inside the spacecraft orbiting the “Black Hole”

2>Building a Train and accelerating it to magnetically travel equal to the “Speed of Light”. As the train accelerates,it travels around 99.9% of speed of light. If it does,then the travellers inside the train will be travelling in “Time”

Another Blogger,Venky has also written a post on “Time Travel”. Do visit his blog:


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