EPIC-India’s Own Browser!

16 Jul

Bangalore-based Hidden Reflex today launched Epic, the first web-browser targeting Indian audience powered by Mozilla platform. The browser has been created by a team of Indian engineers.

Features of EPIC:

1>One of the features of Epic’s India sidebar, which supports Indian content, is to provide users access to latest national and regional news from popular publications, live television channels, videos, stock quotes, live cricket scores, top music albums, and local events.

2>Users can also choose from 1500+ customized Indian themes and wallpapers.

3>It also enables user to write in twelve Indian languages on any webpage or on Write, Epic’s free built-in word processor.

4>Epic also incorporates free antivirus scanning and healing, the only browser to offer this service.

5>Epic is the first browser to have a suite of sidebar applications to improve multi-tasking and productivity.

6>Pre-installed applications include communication apps for Facebook, Orkut, Gmail, entertainment apps such as a Picture-in-Picture Video Sidebar and Games, and utilities such as File Backup, My Computer, a To-Do list, and Maps.

Check my comic on EPIC: http://swathipradeepworld.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/epic/


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