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Google Instant & You Tube Instant

20 Sep

Google Instant: Google, the Internet’s most widely used search engine, announced an update last week called Google Instant that automatically refreshes the page with results as a search query is typed, forgoing the need to press the enter button.

Previously,Google search engine used to predict keywords and display results after hitting the “Enter” key. But now,Google Instant predicts and displays results as you start typing in the search box!

Video explaining “Google Instant”:

You Tube Instant: Hours after the launch of “Google Instant”,Stanford University student Feross Aboukhadijeh was inspired by it and he had a bet with his room mate that he could create “YouTube Instant” within an hour. But it took nearly 3 hours for him to create you tube instant. He later posted the website url on his facebook and twitter pages asking his friends to check out his new invention,YouTube Instant. Within hours,he received countless e-mails congratulating him, a bevy of interview requests, a server flooded with Web traffic, the creation of a Wikipedia entry in his name, and — perhaps most notably — a job offer from YouTube CEO Chad Hurley via Twitter!!

Is this what we call Instant Fame??!!


Now any phone is touch screen phone!

20 Sep

Cambridge, UK, firm Input Dynamics is lauches a new software fix that turns any “dumbphone” into a touchscreen device.  Requiring no additional hardware, the system uses acoustic technology to turn every inch of a phone’s casing into touch-sensitive real estate.

TouchDevice, as it’s called, relies on the phone’s microphone rather than expensive touchscreen surfaces to figure out the location of a tap, scratch, scroll, or swipe on the phone’s body. That means you can tap icons on the screen as on a conventional touchscreen phone, but also scroll through screens by swiping a finger along the side of the body, or call up hot-key commands using a special tap sequence on the phone’s backside.

The software uses the phone’s built-in microphone to pick up the unique acoustic signature produced by certain finger gestures – tapping, swiping, etc. – on the phone’s casing. It instantly converts those gestures into software commands that correspond with the phone’s own OS. Right now the software works with single crisp taps from a finger or stylus, but Input Dynamics is refining its algorithms to detect and respond to several more distinct signatures, and will at some point be able to process multiple signatures at once, converting old cell phones into multi-touch devices.

The software is still in concept, but Input Dynamics says they are talking to several big-name phone manufacturers about adopting the software for future phones. In the meantime, it can be uploaded to existing models to turn current inventories into touchscreen devices. Which means you may soon see smart touchscreen tech coming to a dumbphone near you.