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Augmented Reality

15 Oct

I was surfing the web to find a topic for my technology presentation, and I suddenly bumped upon “Augmented Reality”. I was fascinated by this technology and decided to delve deeper on it to present it to my class.

This is what I presented to my class:

Augmented Reality: After seeing the movie Terminator, many of us would have imagined,how nice it would be to visually scan objects in real world and obtain information about the same. But,Today,we have that technology in place which helps us to do so. This is called Augmented Reality.

What is “Augmented Reality?”

It is the technology that  superimposes digital information, graphics, audio,pictures and videos onto real world environment.

Basically,we have used camera in our phones to capture images and videos. Now,we can even use the camera for retrieving and displaying digital information of real world environment.

Technologies mostly used in A.R:
A camera to view the real world.
A GPS system if it’s a location based AR
An image processing program
An internet connection to send and receive information
A display to view the augmented information.

How does it work?

The camera captures the world as seen through its lens and shows it on the screen. The GPS and the compass determines the exact location. Image Processing takes place and digital information is retrieved over a mobile Internet connection and augmented on the mobile screen.

Where is Augmented Reality used Today?
1> Yelp :Yelp is an augmented reality app used in iphone and android based phones. Turning on the app,shows you nearby places you are searching for like restaurants,grocery stores,hospitals, twitter or facebook friends,building,houses for rent etc.
Suppose you are searching for restaurants, when you turn on the yelp app on your iphone,you can see names of few resturants displayed on your screen. When you click on one restaurant,it shows you the details of that perticular restaurant like ratings,reviews,menu etc.
I actually took out my iphone and ended up showing demo of “Yelp” app  to scan for restaurants and thereby illustrating Augmented Reality during my presentation. 🙂
Video showing usage of Yelp app on iphone!

2>Layar: It is another app with similar functionality used in iPhone, and phones using Google’s Android operating system.
3>Wikitude: an Android mobile app that displays digital information from wikipedia onto the real worl environment.It is described on its website as “a mobile travel guide.

4>Education:Augmented reality systems in combination with other technologies such as WiFi could also be used to provide instant information to its users. like deeper knowledge to students when they look at things.. eg:formation of clouds,structure of buildings etc.

5>Gaming and entertainment: To give the users, real environments as backdrops for his game and to make the user’s senses perceive that he truly is one of the characters in the game.

6> Military: providing field soldiers crucial information about their surroundings as well as friendly troops and enemy movements in their particular area.


Now any phone is touch screen phone!

20 Sep

Cambridge, UK, firm Input Dynamics is lauches a new software fix that turns any “dumbphone” into a touchscreen device.  Requiring no additional hardware, the system uses acoustic technology to turn every inch of a phone’s casing into touch-sensitive real estate.

TouchDevice, as it’s called, relies on the phone’s microphone rather than expensive touchscreen surfaces to figure out the location of a tap, scratch, scroll, or swipe on the phone’s body. That means you can tap icons on the screen as on a conventional touchscreen phone, but also scroll through screens by swiping a finger along the side of the body, or call up hot-key commands using a special tap sequence on the phone’s backside.

The software uses the phone’s built-in microphone to pick up the unique acoustic signature produced by certain finger gestures – tapping, swiping, etc. – on the phone’s casing. It instantly converts those gestures into software commands that correspond with the phone’s own OS. Right now the software works with single crisp taps from a finger or stylus, but Input Dynamics is refining its algorithms to detect and respond to several more distinct signatures, and will at some point be able to process multiple signatures at once, converting old cell phones into multi-touch devices.

The software is still in concept, but Input Dynamics says they are talking to several big-name phone manufacturers about adopting the software for future phones. In the meantime, it can be uploaded to existing models to turn current inventories into touchscreen devices. Which means you may soon see smart touchscreen tech coming to a dumbphone near you.


Google’s App Inventor

19 Jul

Google has released a new tool,”App Inventor” which facilitates the users to build applications! “Programming is NOT a Rocket Science anymore! This tool enables the user with zero programming skills to build applications!

You visually design the way the app looks and use blocks to specify the app’s behavior.

The App Inventor team has created blocks for just about everything you can do with an Android phone, as well as blocks for doing “programming-like” stuff– blocks to store information, blocks for repeating actions, and blocks to perform actions under certain conditions. There are even blocks to talk to services like Twitter.

Iphone 4

19 Jul

Features of Iphone 4:
1>Dual camera on front and back of the phone.
2>Introducing “Video Calling”.
3>Highest Resolution display ever on a phone. 364 Pixels per inch,you get 4 times the pixels as before. This is achieved by “Optical Lamination”.
4>Enables “Multi Tasking”. You can easily and quickly switch between applications.
5>Ability to create Folders. This feature is also upgraded in iphone 3GS recently.
6>Multiple thread emails are categorised under single email.
7>Camera -5 MP to capture images. Camera is also facilitated to capture 720P High Definition video. You can also edit your video.
8>Built in A4 chip which facilitates remarkable speed and efficiency!
9>Battery size is increased which delivers 40% more talktime.

Check this video!


19 Jul

All I can say is IPAD is a Cross between “Amazon Kindle” and “Iphone 3GS”!!

Since I own both Kindle and Iphone 3GS, I did not see any necessity to possess I-PAD! 🙂

Check this video for I-PAD features!!

Google acquires “Bump Top” to take on Apple!

4 May

Canada’s hottest software startup, Toronto-based BumpTop has been acquired by the search engine for reportedly between $30 and $45 million

Set up just three years ago, BumpTop has pioneered touch-screen software that allows use of multiple fingers at a time on a multiple touch screen.

Called ‘desktop workspace,’ the software allows users to organise pictures, documents and videos much more intuitively. Users can perform many functions with their fingers, including dragging of items into docks, and playing around with photos on desktop.

Check out this video for jaw-dropping features of “Bump Top”!

Apple’s I-TABLET unveiled!

27 Jan
The much awaited suspensed version of Apple’s I-Tablet(I-Slate or I-Pad) was released today @ 10 am in California by Steve.
Excerpts from the presentation are given below: Courtesy: Live
Steve says “Good morning, and thank you all for coming today. We want to kick off 2010 by introducing a truly magical and revolutionary new product.”
“Before we get to that, I’ve got a few updates.” Chuckles. “First: iPods. A few weeks ago we sold our 250 millionth iPod.” Big applause.
 “Before we get to that [the tablet], I want to go back to 1991. Apple invented the modern laptop computer with our PowerBooks. The first laptop with a TFT screen, that pushed the keyboard up and had an integrated pointing device.”

Email with a giant on-screen keyboard: “It’s a dream to type on.”

Photos: “Flick through them, it’s a wonderful way to share your photos. Built in a calendar. Address book, great maps app with Google Maps.”

“That’s how simple mail is. If I want to reply to a message, up pops this gorgeous keyboard.” Steve is typing with two hands on his lap — not using thumbs. Very interesting.

 Photo scrubber bar at the bottom. “It’s really wonderful.”

iTunes store. The UI on this thing is pretty intense, so far. Everything is familiar, but it’s all totally different from iPhone and OS X — this is a big launch for Apple. As if you hadn’t already noticed.

That is video on the iPad. So that’s a bit of an overview as to what the iPad can do.” Big applause. “Watching it is nothing like getting one in your hands.”

“It’s 0.5-inches thin, weighs just 1.5 pounds. Thinner and lighter than any netbook. 9.7-inch IPS display.”
“iPad is powered by our own custom silicon. Our own chip. It’s called the A4, and it screams.” 1GHz. 16, 32, or 64GB of flash storage. “It’s got the latest in wireless: 802.11n, WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.”
“What’s the battery life on this remarkable device?” Pauses. “We’ve been able to achieve 10 hours of battery life.”

Showing Facebook app: “This is the app you know and love.” Tap on the 2x button, it scales the app up to full-screen.

“We think that we’ve captured the essence of reading a newspaper… all in a native app.”
“It captures the essence of a newspaper, but it’s so much more.” Reading syncs to the iPhone app. Inline video clips. So awesome.

Next up: an app called Brushes, an art browser and painting app.

Showing Need For Speed Shift.

Touch and accelerator-enabled (of course). Tap the mirror to look behind. “A game like NFS really pushes the limits, so we wanted to show you just how fast this can really go.”

 Our new app is called iBooks.

 “It looks like a bookshelf — and there’s a button to a store. It’s an iBook Store to allow you to discover, purchase, and download e-books right on your iPad.”

“We use the ePub format, the most popular open book format in the world, and I’m very excited about this. We think the iPad is going to make a terrific e-book reader not just for popular books, but for textbooks as well.”
“Now, something very exciting: iWork.”

 I think we’ve done some amazing and remarkable work. A completely new version of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers…”

Navigating slides — holding down slides rearranges it. Tap multiple slides then do the move brings them as a bundle (neato!).

Showing the spreadsheet-centric soft keyboard. Auto-fields and sums showing as inferred. Pretty neat for a spreadsheet. Then again, it’s still a spreadsheet.

Showing forms, too. “That’s a quick look at iWork on the iPad.” Applause. “They show the immense potential of the iPad. Apps like this are amazing, so what are we going to charge for this? $9.99 each.” 
Compatible with Mac versions, and “you can easily connect to a projector with a small cable.”
“I’d like to talk for a minute about iTunes. The iPad syncs over USB with iTunes exactly like an iPhone or iPod touch. So when you sync, you sync everything. Photos, music, movies, TV shows, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, apps…”

This is a real benefit. Now, I’d like to talk about wireless networking. Every iPad has the latest and greatest WiFi. But we’re going to have models with 3G built in as well.”“Now, what does it cost for the data plans? In the US cellphone companies typically charge $60 per month for a data plan for a laptop.”“We’ve got a real breakthrough here. Two awesome plans. The first is up to 250MB per month — a fair bit of data, most people will get by on that — for just $14.99.” Bit applause.

AT&T’s throwing in free WiFi hotspot use, too.” Great, because their network certainly won’t be working well enough to depend on this. “There’s no contract — it’s pre-paid. You can cancel at any time.”

“I’m thrilled to announce to you that the iPad pricing starts not at $999, but at $499

Within about 90 days we’ll be shipping 3G models. Soon you’ll be able to get an iPad in your hands for just $499.”“We’ve got some great accessories as well — let me show you a few.” Dock!Keyboard dock!

“When you really need to do a lot of typing, this is the way to go. If you’ve got to write War and Peace, just plug your iPad in.” Third accessory is “a really nice case.”

“It just feels right to hold the internet in your hand — when you see something, you just reach out and tap it. You don’t think about it… you just DO.” 

An awesome product between the laptop and the smartphone. The bar is pretty high.” “We think we’ve got the goods. And because we’ve shipped so many iPhones and iPod touches, there are already over 75 million people who know how to use the iPad.

Users have downloaded over 12 billion products. We are at scale and we are ready for the iPad. To sum it up: it’s our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device, at an unbelievable price. We think this is going to be a really great combination.”

TSo we’ve got a hands-on area, we’d like you to get your hands on an iPad. When you feel all this power and this much fun and the internet in your hands, you’ll never want to go back.” That’s it!

First Tweet from SPACE!

22 Jan

Expedition 22 Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer made first use of the new system Friday, when he posted the first unassisted update to his Twitter account, @Astro_TJ, from the space station.

“Hello Twitterverse! We r now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station — the 1st live tweet from Space! 🙂 More soon, send your ?s”

This personal Web access, called the Crew Support LAN, takes advantage of existing communication links to and from the station and gives astronauts the ability to browse and use the Web. The system will provide astronauts with direct private communications to enhance their quality of life during long-duration missions by helping to ease the isolation associated with life in a closed environment.

During periods when the station is actively communicating with the ground using high-speed Ku-band communications, the crew will have remote access to the Internet via a ground computer. The crew will view the desktop of the ground computer using an onboard laptop and interact remotely with their keyboard touchpad.

Astronauts will be subject to the same computer use guidelines as government employees on Earth. In addition to this new capability, the crew will continue to have official e-mail, Internet Protocol telephone and limited videoconferencing capabilities.

To follow Twitter updates from Creamer and two of his crewmates, ISS Commander Jeff Williams and Soichi Noguchi, visit:

Information Courtesy:NASA

Iphone 3GS or Nexus One?

13 Jan

“Apple Iphone 3GS or Nexus One”?? Which one is the Best?! Probably,the Comparison table below will help you decide!

iPhone 3GS vs Nexus One

The recent Bad Reviews about Google’s Nexus One doing the rounds are:

1>The touch screen functionality is not as good as Apple Iphone 3GS!
2>The ETF (Early Termination Fee) is about $200 which is extremely high compared to other phones.
3>Google has also imposed an additional $350 ETF if Nexus One owners decide to end their service after the 14-day trial period is over but before four months have passed will be hit with upwards of $550 in fees — more than if you bought the phone outright from the start
4>Customer satisfaction was pathetic when few customers called Google’s Customer Care with Nexus One issues.

Things lacking in Nexus One in comparison with Apple Iphone:

1>Like the Droid, the Nexus One doesn’t do hardware encryption, meaning that most Microsoft Exchange shops will refuse to support either model (unless you can convince your company to downgrade its default security policy). The iPhone 3GS does support Exchange’s default policy settings, which require device encryption.

2>The Android OS also can’t handle moving purchased software titles from Android Market into the devices’ Flash RAM storage (which on HTC and Motorola devices, like other phones developed for Windows Mobile, is provided primarily on removable SD RAM cards). This results in a significant limitation for developers and for users who want to run sophisticated mobile apps such as games.

3> Nexus One doesn’t have anything comparable to the iPhone’s Dock Connector, which has given birth to an ecosystem of iPhone and iPod related peripherals. Instead, the Nexus One only provides a mini USB connector.

4>The iPhone 3GS also supplies a consistent multitouch user interface that is used throughout it bundled apps. Google has only added limited support for this in the Android OS, and apps that can make the most use of “pinch to zoom” type features don’t consistently offer it to the user.

5>The Nexus One also lacks the iPhone 3GS’ automatic focus, white balance, and exposure set by the user’s touch.

Information Courtesy:Apple Insider

Tweet / Blog from your Iphone!!

4 Jan

Have an Iphone or Ipod? Wish to access the Social Networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and WordPress Blog? Well you can do it using the following Apps

1>Twitterrific : Allows you to receive and compose Tweets on your Twitter Account right from your Iphone/Ipod within seconds!  Twitterrific app on your Iphone/Ipod will look soemthing like this:

2>Facebook : Allows you to receives updates,compose updates and Facebook right from your Iphone

3>Wordpress2 : Now access your WordPress blog right from your Iphone! You can compose posts,read other blogs,comment and what not!
I am waiting for Blogger/Blogspot to come up with such a App for Blogspot blogs.

In order to add all of these apps,
1>Go to App Store on your Iphone.
2>Search for the above mentioned Apps
3>Click install to install them on your Iphone!

I have installed all the above mentioned Apps on my Iphone. I am loving every bit of it!