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‘Star-Gate’ at Norway Sky!

10 Dec

On Dec 9th 2009,8:45am, a giant spiral blue light dominated the Noway Sky baffling the onlookers,Norwegians,experts,world top scientists and military experts. Everybody was awe-struck looking at the pre-dawn sky seeing this incredible spiral blue light which lasted for 2 minutes.This spiral blue light is beleived to have been risen from behind the mountain,it later reached the middle of the sky and started rotating for few minutes and later disappeared!

This phenomenon has been dubbed ‘Star Gate’ by experts and scientists.

Many theories ranging from a misfired Russian missile, meteor fireball, never-before-seen type of northern light, ‘black hole’ and even alien activity were all proposed  for this spectacular event!

See the video below for more details..


Alien like creature found in Panama,Central America

19 Sep

A strange Alien like creature was found in Panama,Central America yesterday by a group of teens.
It has an ‘alien’ like head and ‘human’ like body.Zoologists are baffled with this discovery.
For more details, see this video